Fuzionista: Hayley Larue

Fuzionista, our fuzionista spotlight of the week goes to none other than Hayley Larue, a 23 years old, LA based Fashion Blogger. Hayley started a fashion blog as something she had wanted to do for such a long time, but was very nervous to it at first because she was honestly scared of what people would say once they found out she had the site. Now ever since she began the blog, she hasn’t regretted it once, and gotten some really great opportunities from it. “I used to dream of working for a fashion magazine, but instead, I feel like I somewhat created my own. My blog is a place of fashion inspiration for my readers, and I love creating that for them”.


Aside from blogging, she’s a professional dancer and a college graduate. Hayley graduated with a degree in entertainment, where she studied Print/Broadcast journalism and Public Relations, and planned on working for a news channel in the near future. Dance wise, she’s has had some great opportunities as well. One of the coolest things she has been able to do was dance in a Breast Cancer Awareness video with the legendary, Paula Abdul! “I’ve always been a huge advocate for chasing after dreams, and even with the doubt and insecurities I’ve had along the way, I’m still going after them all”. Fuzionista don’t forget to check out her siteĀ www.meyouandhayleylarue.com







5 Must Haves In My Closet:

1. Lulu lemon Leggings. (Every girl has to have their favorite pair of leggings.)
2. Off the shoulder sweater. (These can literally be paired with anything.)
3. Black Skinny Jeans. (Perfect for so many occasions.)
4. Gray Floppy Hat from Nordstrom. (Hats are my favorite right now!)
5. A Pair of Nude ankle strap heels. (These are so chic right now.)



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