DKNY and Hannah Bronfman Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research

On Sunday May 25th we headed to the Hamptons, NY, to not only enjoy the atmosphere but benefit ovarian cancer research as well. DKNY and Hannah Bronfman hosted an exquisite dinner with celebrity attendees such as Lily Lane and Gigi Hadid. Guests sipped cocktails and dinned at the Georgica Restaurant all in the name of charity! Catch the exclusive intervenes below!



Hannah Bronfman

The beauty entrepreneur and fitness junkie Hannah Bronfman co-sponsored this lovely event. Fitness is a key part of her daily life, using social media to share her story. “Working out makes my brain function better, it keeps me clearheaded and focused. I didn’t think it would turn into anything but it’s really rewarding. The social media response to my videos and photos make me more responsible, I have to deliver for my followers and keep going.” Along with being a fitness fatale, Hannah spins on the 1-2’s around the world. “I started in DJing college, a local pub once a week. Once I left school I pursued it because people seemed to respond well and hire me for shows.” Alon with her busy fitness and DJing schedule, Hannah is also into fashion. “I can’t live without my Alia Heels” Hannah’s play book includes a beauty tip that all can live by, “I recently got into lipstick, wearing lipstick really elevates your outfit.”


Gigi Hadid

We ran into the gorgeous American fashion model and TV Personality, Gigi Hadid. Gigi recently graced the cover of Daily Magazine. “It feels great, it’s absolutely amazing because I am such a big fan of the photographer. He shot my mom in her teenage years!” Gigi had a tip from her Fuzion play book to share about beauty and fashion, “Always be comfortable and cute!”


Hassan Pierre

About two years ago Insert Name was featured in Vogue and his name was instantly a success.  “It was great to be featured in Vogue, it took everything from 0-60 in less then 2 seconds!” Vogue paved the way for more success and future opportunities. “Aside from the line, I am working on luxury pop ups shops and prepping for the next big collection to show in New York.” His fuzion play book includes a tip that both men and women can use “Confidence is key!”


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