The Von Boozier Twins Celebrate Candle Anniversary

By Palak Patel

Photos by Felicia Conway

The Von Boozier Twins, Antoine and Andre, rolled out the red carpet on Saturday night at the Taj II lounge to celebrate the one year anniversary of their luxury candles, the Limited Edition Premium Signature Lux Candle Collection. The Twins are known for the multi-talented ventures including singing, acting, modeling, and PR. If ever was a party going to go smooth, it would be a Von Boozier Party.

Celebs in attendance included Dr. Georgina Rose of On The Spot with Dr. G, celebrity stylist and designer Shelly Bromfield, artist and DJ ProVerb, Bliss Entertainment CEO David Annarummo, and celebrity stylist Cameron Washington.

CEO of the C. Washington Group, Cameron Washington is known for his style, sophistication, and noted branding experience. He is currently working on a new eyewear line with Omega Optical. “I love 40s, 50s, 60s. It was just very classic, very clean lines. For me it was just going back to that time,” said Washington about his inspiration. “You know, men be gentlemen, women being sophisticated. We are working on really infusing it not just into styling, but also into developing the brand.”

Mobwife Love Majewski was also present at the event on Saturday. She took a moment to talk a little bit about what’s coming up for her this year.

“Taping in September for the new show. I know there are a lot of changes going on in Mobwives and I wish them luck,” said Love. “I’m doing Lessons in Love, which you know judging from my past experience I kind of analyze people’s situations and give them advice. I just came out with some new cosmetics this summer! It’s now available online. And I’m also doing a guest appearance on a cooking show; I’m not giving out too much on that though. I’m really excited about what’s coming up though!”

Finally, the Von Boozier Twins were available to speak a little bit about the anniversary event and any upcoming projects: “It’s definitely a milestone for us. We have definitely exceeded the expectations for this. We are candle-lovers ourselves. It has been a process and learning experience, but still enjoyable. We have a couple things coming down the pipeline, maybe a show for the day in the life of a publicist. Plus we want to expand the line here, you know, with household sprays and incense.”

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