The Funny on Wil Sylvince

written by: Dionna Adams

We caught up with Wil Sylvince opening up for Damon Waynes at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC. As a busy comedian with so much going on, he was able to slow down and tell us a little bit about himself.



Wil has been touring with Damon Waynes for a little while now and has really been enjoying the ride. He has been able to work very closely with the comedic legend and says he has definitely learned a lot from being around him. “I’ve been able to meet the whole family, I’m cool with the whole family… he’s like my mentor,” mentioned Sylvince.

A couple months ago, Wil had his 8th annual “Short Cuts” festival, which is a festival that was created by him to help the younger generation with furthering their careers in any type of filming or television publications. Wil, as a rising comedian, knows how hard it is for kids to get the advice they need to further their careers and this festival lets them see it first hand. Not only that, NBC has even teamed up with Wil on the project. You can tell that he was very passionate about the project and how he really wanted to give the youth the opportunity to grow their careers. “I wanted to give black students the opportunity to learn first hand,” he stated. Wil’s main goal was to to allow the students to learn what they can’t learn in a classroom setting. The festival has allowed a lot of people to pursue their dreams.

Wil grew up with a Haitian background and gets a lot of his comedic influence from his childhood and growing up. He doesn’t feel that him having a Haitian background helped him have more a Haitian fan base compared to any of his other Caribbean fans  “We share a lot of similarities we have a lot of the same music and the same foods, I feel like its the same…but y’all Jamaicans be wearing a lot of colors yellows, oranges y’all wear too many colors,” mentioned Sylvince.

What’s next for Wil? He is making his way to China for a while as well as touring and doing a lot more shows. Wil’s humor and personality definitely make him someone you would love to see perform and even meet outside of his performances. He is also currently working on a movie about a Haitian boxer which is going to show him in a more serious role. Although it isn’t a true story, it is still an inspiring story that Wil wants to tell. We look forward to watching Wil further build his career.

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