On the Spot with Dr. G: Just Don’t Do It!

“Just don’t do it!”  says Dr G. This relationship advice is in fact contrary to shoe designer Nike’s idea, but does make sense when it comes to you girls.

If you’re a precious stone, then STOP selling yourself for cheap.

If you followed my previous blog, you’ll have realized that you’ve gone from a candy to a precious stone. Nice upgrade!

Don’t text or call him. Practice some restriction and remember guys love the chase. They need to earn your love so let him run after you.  It’s the hardest thing to do when you really like a guy and can’t wait to see him again. Keep in mind that a guy will go out of his way to please you and see you when he’s interested. Please don’t make yourself too available and put him off. And this can mean contacting him but also being too available sexually.

It’s a natural feeling to want what you can’t get, and likewise people get turned off when something is too easy.

Consider yourself a precious stone, and remember the laws of offer and demand. You are very much in demand and there aren’t so many precious stones like yourself. So act like one.

What to do when the urge to just hear his voice is overwhelming?

– Switch your phone on vibrate, and put it under your pillow or in your hand bag, out of reach

-Change the guy’s name in your phone to just his initials, or maybe just the first letter of his name, or if this is still tempting, write ‘STOP’ as a name

-Realize that you probably have been in touch with him or seen him in the last few days, so let a few days pass to re-create the feeling of longing

What to do prior to being intimate with a guy?

-Decide how well you actually know him, and how comfortable you’ll feel after being intimate

-Assess what his intensions are with you, and what kind of relationship he is looking for

-Assess if you are compatible. Ie if he’s looking for younger, blonder and a different religion, then just move on, and swiftly

-Establish exclusivity

People only respect and appreciate what they value so give yourself value and let the guy earn you.

Good luck!



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