Written By Tyesha Litz

Picture from http://www.stereogum.com

It’s only a week before M.I.A drops her highly awaited fourth album Matangi. Until then fans can keep themselves occupied with her latest track Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again). This rhythmic rave banger turns the whole YOLO (you only live once) thing on its head by referencing the Hindu concept of reincarnation. “YOLO? I don’t even know anymore. What that even mean though. If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit? Back home where I come from we keep being born again and again and then again and again. That’s why they invented karma,” says M.I.A at the end of the track. Y.A.L.A. is a heart pumping dances track sure to be a favorite of DJs and club goers alike. This track clearly shows that M.I.A. is still a musical force to be reckoned with. Make sure you check out Matangi due out on Nov.5.


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