Defining Laz Alonso

In my journey, I have learned that the difference between a good man and a great man lies within the details. One might say that a man’s true purpose is not revealed through great achievements, but by how he lives his life on a day-to-day basis; the seeds he plants, the work he puts in, and how he celebrates his triumphs outlines the path to his greatness.

Laz Alonso is a man of definition, not by outward influence, but by the standards in which he defines himself. His level of tenacity, courage, and resilience allows him to stand amongst the Olympians of film and television. For these reasons, we found him to be the most suited for the April/May Fuzion Magazine “Definition” issue. Laz Alonso shows us how he plans the work and works the plan, stays true to himself, his talent, and the vision for his life.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a team of fifteen people wait anxiously for the man of the hour. Ideas cross everyone’s mind about whether he will be a humble, down-to-earth individual or a big headed pre-Madonna swirl around the atmosphere.. Our style and make-up teams prepare the looks created based off of our Daniel Craig, 007 inspired theme. The idea is to maintain a clean, fresh, sexy look that carefully walks the fine line between rugged and classic; typically expected of agent 007. Our photographer, who never disappoints, ensures that the perfect lighting is set, the camera is focused, and that every scene is in order because time is of the essence. Lastly, editor-in-chief (ADD NAME HERE), (ADD NAME HERE) from public relations, and I walk back and forth through the studio confirming that things are running smoothly and eager to get the shoot started. Everything has to be perfect, not only because it is the Fuzion way, but because we are dealing with a caliber of man that demands the attention to detail.

Finally, the door opens and we are graced with the presence of one Mr. Laz Alonso. To my surprise, he is nothing like what I expected. Normally, we as the fan expect a grandiose, “larger than life”, superstar, dressed in expensive garments, walking on rose petals, with a 50 man entourage behind them, not to mention the countless waves of paparazzi stalking their every move. Instead, we received a casually dressed, happy actor, who did not need all the flashing lights. The star quality had an air of confidence about himt as if it was radiating off of his body. His inviting personality let us know that it would be a good day. His confidence spread through the room, easing the edge off, and gave the team a sense of added motivation; it was time to do this. Laz Alonso’s first defining quality was realness. No gimmicks, no arrogance, nor crazy expectations; just a sense of professionalism, timeliness, and a positive atmosphere. This man was truly a star.

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