A Moment With Joe

The music business can be competitive, unforgiving, and time-consuming to say the least. For anyone with the hope, desire, and passion to fulfill their dreams in this section of the entertainment industry has to have a tough mentality. To survive and become successful with a hit song or a popular first album is an accomplishment in itself. Sadly many that reach this pinnacle don’t get to enjoy the spoils much after that. Continuing a solid career with consecutive hits, tours, and holding onto a strong fan base for more than a decade is a blessing to those that know how challenging it can be to achieve that feat.

A veteran to lovers of R&B, Joe has done that and much more with his soulful voice and baby-making music. He has lasted through the boy bands and the “shiny suit” era of the 90s and early 2000s; mainly by staying consistent and true to his talent and maintaining what brought him the notoriety in the first place. Joe has been touring and promoting his new album “Doubleback: Evolution of R&B.” Fuzion had the pleasure of getting some time with the legendary crooner as Breon sat down with him.

Written by Mark M.


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