Update: Katt Williams & Suge Knight Involved In a Brawl After His Release On Child Endangerment Charges

Photo Credit: www.examiner.com

Just hours after his release from jail pending child endangerment charges Katt Williams watched his close friend Suge Knight get into a brawl at a Hollywood nightclub. ¬†According to TMZ, after the brawl Suge Knight almost hit pedestrians with his car after speeding away from club Eden. Earlier that night after Katt was released from jail he spoke with TMZ on his arrest saying that his guns were in a locked box in his home, “If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you’re gonna find guns! I’m not in a gang, what difference does it make?” Katt also told TMZ that there we no drugs in his house. ¬†However, he did admit to weed being in the home but says, “Weed is not a drug.”


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