STRONJEH Presents Brooklyn Garden of Fashion

Brooklyn Garden of Fashion, presented by StronJeh Model Management began vibrantly on the rooftop of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Elements of Eden included a grass-like runway, flowered canopies, where all staff members  were easily identifiable in green and white ensembles. You could not mistake fabulous and front-running StronJeh’s Founder and CEO, Caprice Connor, as he owned his own runway outfitted in a white tux and green ruffled shirt. Caprice opened the show grabbing audience members and commanded them to walk the runway.

StronJeh Model Management, which boasts in “discovering new and vibrant personalities among men, women, children, and full-figured models,” provided all models for the show. Throughout the evening, you can hear Caprice coaching his ladies and gents to perfection while walking, twirling, and “giving it” on the catwalk. What stood out the most to me was his constant affirmation of all the young and new talent under his tutelage. Claiming that there are “no boundaries, and no limit in fashion and talent, and that fashion is how you feel.”

Amongst the designers in the garden were Jerri Reid Designs, Langston Language, Classic Royalty, China Doll, Porta Bella, Madame Couture, Che’ Elliot, Ty Scott, and Glamourmatick. The platform was also graced by two vocal performances by 15-year-old Unique, and songstress Lady Siah.



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