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        I have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love a good shoe, but let’s be honest we don’t always have it in our budget to buy every pair we like.  So, when you find a woman like Ivie Imoisili that has had the good fortune to collect over 400+ shoes you just have to sit back and admire her.  Ivie has a shoe collection that would tug at any shoe lovers heart, with bold colors, unique styles, and classic designer heels.  Her shoe closet is very pink, cute, and inviting allowing easy movement and selection of that perfect pair to go with any outfit.

Ivie has also taken her shoe love into a side profession as a brand ambassador for Just Fabulous, Kimora Lee Simmons monthly shoe membership club.  Whether it is just following her passion for collecting or sharing her love of shoes as a brand ambassador Ivie is definitely a woman after every shoe lovers heart.

My oh so fabulous editor suggested I reach out to Ivie ,who is known for her massive collection, for an interview.   After weeks of planning, I finally got the chance to pick Ivie’s brain about her collection and now I can finally share with you her story.

(Me)  Would you say you have a shoe obsession?  When, did you first realize you had a love for shoes?
(Ivie) Some would say I have a shoe obsession but I consider myself a collection of feminine footwear. I realized I had a love for shoes when I graduated from college, started working full time and could afford to buy more than a pair at a time.
(Me) Do you remember the first pair you purchased?  What were they?
(Ivie) I remember the very first pair of shoes I purchased with my own money. I just received my first paycheck from Target and went to the shoe section and bought 2 pairs of shoes for $25. Looking back, they were the ugliest pairs of shoes ever but it was my first high from a shoe purchase so they were special.
(Me) How many shoes do you have in your collection?
(Ivie) I have over 400 pairs in my collection but this summer, I made it a goal to cut my collection down by a hundred pairs and so far, I have given away over 40 pairs. I am still looking for a loving home for the remaining pairs.
(Me) How many square feet is your shoe closet?  Is it your dream closet?
(Ivie) I’m not sure of the exact square footage of my shoe closet but when I was in the market for a home, I looked for a home with one more bedroom than I actually needed because the idea was to turn a bedroom into a shoe closet, which is what I did as soon as I started the remodel on my current home. It is my dream shoe closet.
(Me)  Did any celebrity shoe closets inspire your shoe closet?
(Ivie) Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus’ closet inspired my shoe closet. I saw a picture of her closet in one of my shoe groups and I fell in love. First of all, the walls were pink… my FAVORITE color. Secondly, it was so simple, it was easy to take what I wanted and put my own spin on it.
(Me) If you could take a walk in the shoe closet of anyone else who would it be and why?
(Ivie) I would love to walk through Mariah Carey’s shoe closet. She has the most amazing shoe collection I have seen so far.
(Me) Do you have a system in your shoe closet? (How are they organized)?
(Ivie) Most of my shoes are organized by color. But certain designers and styles are grouped together regardless of color.
(Me) Who are your top three favorite shoe designers?
(Ivie) I have to go with four simply because I love Christian Louboutin’s designs because they are amazing but when it comes to shoes I purchase frequently, my go to designers are Vivienne Westwood, Sam Edelman, and Iron Fist.
(Me) What’s the most you’ve spent on one pair?
(Ivie) The most that I have spent on a pair would be around $900 for some Louboutins.
(Me) Which would you pick and why; Flats vs Heels?  Stiletto vs. Wedges?
(Ivie) Heels all the way. I have a size 10 foot… in size 10, flats tend to look like boats on me **SMILE** However, I do make an exception for Tory Burch’s Reva flats. They are addictive.
I used to think wedges were the lazy girl’s alternatives to heels but I have since revised my opinion because the styles have definitely improved. However, my hands will always reach for a pair of stilettos before they reach for a wedge.
(Me) When it comes down to it style over comfort or vice versa?
(Ivie) Beauty is pain. I willingly sacrifice my comfort for  style (ANYDAY)!!
(Me) Which ones is your favorite pair?
(Ivie) My favorite pair of shoes are the calf hair leopard print edelmans with the spikes on the bow. It’s the perfect blend of wild meets delicate meets sexy-dangerous, which describes my personality to a T!


  1. Love the article and the new closet/room Ivie (I remember a couple yrs ago when your closet was a small space consisting of stacks of shoe boxes everywhere lol), your collection is amazing!

  2. So, more pair you are giving away to a loving home?  🙂   I would buy some of your shoes if you wore my size and I promise you they’d be in very good hands….er I mean “feet” 🙂

  3. i want a closet like yours and i am going to strive to get there not 400 but at least 250-300 will be my goal in shoes..


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