PERFECT COLLABO: Louis Vuitton uses Muhammad Ali for New Ads

Louis Vuitton,  one of the world’s leading international fashion houses has linked up with the only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion. Vuitton is using Muhammad Ali for its new ‘Core Value’ Campaign Ads. The list of selected icons for The Core Value ads came from the LV executive team and their personal selection of heroes, which makes perfect sense because Ali is a philanthropist, social activist and considered a cultural icon.

It is definitely a unexpected collaboration between artists from two very different forms but I think it was a smart move. By having such a well known boxer in an ad for such a prestigious line, Louis Vuitton can draw thousands of possible customers from the athletic world.

The Ad features Ali with his grandson Curtis who looks more like a mini clone of  the amazing boxer. The 70 year old “hero” sits next to his grandson who stands proudly with his feet spread widely apart while he wears brown colored boxing gloves, maybe getting ready to follow in this national “hero” footsteps.

Muhammad Ali in Louis Vuitton Core Value Ad




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