Nailed It

Nail Artist Yuki Makishi

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Yuki Makishi, Nail Artist from Okinawa, Japan. She began as a nail technician back home, then brought her amazing art and talent here to NYC. Sweet as pie, pretty,and quiet in demeanor, Yuki’s art screams high fashion, “glamour girl”, and yes, “please look down at my hands”! From the coveted, pointy, Beyonce inspired manicure, studs, spikes, chains, stones, and hand-painted masterpieces, Yuki exercises creative genius on each nail. Using supplies imported from Japan, Yuki takes 3-D art to a new level. Her work’s been featured in Japanese fashion spreads, and most certainly will be seen here in the states, including Fuzion Magazine.
Aside from being haute couture in the world of Nail Fashion, Yuki is quite the professional and values her relationships with her clients. She was quick to point out her commitment to not rushing any of her clients, and that she changes all of her implements with each session. Ending the summer season of hot neons and pretty pastels, Yuki anticipates the Fall trends of deep purples, grey, rich browns, coupled with contrasting metals and stone art. Whether it be and a one nail decal, or a 10 finger display of bling, you are guaranteed and art experience hands down with Yuki (pun-certainly intended). I left her trying to come up with a reason just to sit in her chair and get my nails done. I realize, I don’t need a reason at all, that’s a good reason for me…


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