‘Expression of the Abstract’ Art Featured Alongside A Stellar Collection at Misha Nicole

Featured Image (Above) Credit: Misha Nicole

In the East Village, perched between New York City’s Little Italy and SoHo, retail and rental space Misha Nicole is renowned for it’s array of fashion forward designer pieces and innovative attributes. Viewers were granted the opportunity to buy artwork as well as creative apparel. FUZION Magazine got a close up at  apparel in the Misha Nicole boutique accented by Ian Pawelec’s art containing pieces from a new movement he has been developing over the past 10 years- “Expression of the Abstract.”

The artwork flowed seamlessly with  unique printed apparel containing ethnic and creative prints. Pawelec referred to his art as something to take viewers on a journey through the universe and things beyond us stating, “I draw a lot of my inspiration from space [and] science. It’s also a very soulful thing. It’s the soul, I guess, behind the science.” Pawelec went on to further explain his pieces saying that,””They are not abstractions taking from something or altering something that is already there. What they are is they’re work about the abstract.

At the art and fashion debut, designer Geoffrey Mac featured his 2012 collection. Creator Geoffrey Mac described it as being inspired by the “building [of] new skeletal forms into the woman and then coming up with garments that would suit that. It is for the metamorphosis of the human body [with] the breaking apart of garments and an apocalyptic collection.” From bright colors to bold stripes and to zippers stitched  in unique angles with a slight metallic and psychedelic feel the Geoffrey Mac 2012 collection was a feast for the eyes, blending well with the featured art surrounding it.

Check out Geoffrey Mac Apparel & Pawelec’s Art on the video below:


Purchase Geoffrey Mac Apparel:

Location: 303 Bowery, NY, (Between Houston & 1st Street)

Online: http://www.mishanicole.com/  or at  http://www.geoffreymac.com/shop/


Buy Ian Pawelec’s Art at:

Online: http://www.mishanicole.com/collection/category/ART0/

Location: 303 Bowery, NY, (Between Houston & 1st Street)





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