Kudos to the C.A.T

For some women, orgasms during intercourse are far and few between. Not because they have no sense of what makes them feel good, but because most positions used don’t stimulate the point of pleasure that is guaranteed to make you climax; the clitoris.  As pleasurable as these positions may be, they are not as effective as the C.A.T.  Ladies, tell your men to stay tuned, this female friendly position  also strokes his “ego”.

image from yahoo u.k.

The C.A.T., or Coital Alignment Technique,  is similar to the missionary position and is used to stimulate the clitoris to achieve heightened orgasm. Used by researchers to measure the peak of a woman’s climax via the clitoris, the position requires the man to be on top stroking horizontally as opposed to vertically. Hard to envision, right? Check out the picture below.

As you can see, the technique is only effective by leaving the penis inside of the woman’s vagina and applying pressure with his pelvic area and the shaft of his penis in a rocking motion against her clitoris.

If you are no stranger to the “Big O”, then you know that this technique is usually subconsciously put into effect when you are close to a climax in the normal missionary position. To perfect this technique, you must understand that the C.A.T. is less about in and out thrusts (which is usually an ineffective way for a woman to reach a climax) and more about “humping”, for lack of better terms, while still inside.

Though this technique is geared around clitoral pleasure, it is ideal for a fast simultaneous climax with your partner. With the penis still inside of the vagina, the walls become engorged and start to “pulse” around the penis sending pleasure to the entire member. To maximize his pleasure, add a pillow under you and rock in the opposite motion of him. If he rocks upward, you rock your hips downward and vice versa. Just remember to keep the penis inside and always meet his “rocking” movements half way. No man wants a lazy lover, ladies!


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