Confessions of A Male Escort Part 1

 written by: Antonio Deleon

The life of a male escort is far more glamorous than that of a female one. The money is better even though the clientele is scarce at times. I entered the world of escorting at the age of twenty-two. Like many, I thought I had a chance at modeling, even though my height and looks did not fit the criteria for high fashion. When I realized this harsh reality, I did what most discouraged people who have given up on a dream would do… I found a job to pass the time. Life can change at any moment. Many times, the circumstances that can cause a change in our path and outlook on life can be an unforeseen one. It was never my wish or desire to enter into the shadows of escorting. I find no pleasure in empty sex and loveless relationships that endure only one night. I live with the constant fear of being exposed to my loved ones and that is why I go by the alias Antonio Deleon. I would like to share my story with you. Not as an inspirational piece, not to detour anyone who chooses the same fate, but because my therapy is in sharing my testimony.


I cannot name the company because that would be divulging too much background information. I will say that I spent a lot of time in the field, in hotels, and in and out of people’s homes. This is where my journey truly begins. One day I was approached by a man who offered me an interesting proposition. In his home, he had a photography setup that was equipped with video as well. To some, this would be seemingly harmless, but the irony was in him approaching me asking if I was interested in modeling and of course I was more than intrigued. He then began to pull out an application that included the fields “glamour, print, commercial, and adult” modeling. My curiosity and Achilles heel led me to ask more about the adult modeling more than any other option. This is where he made clear that the money in this was major and if I was interested in that, then with my looks I should consider escorting, in which I would have to shoot an “audition video”, something that I discovered on many porn sites as a solo hand job video. Fast forward, that following weekend I found myself laid out on a bed, masturbating until the point of ejaculation on camera. This is where the story begins.


As I stated before, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can lead a person to make the decisions he/she makes. For me it was being a new father. In being a first time father, one would think the relationship between the mother, child, and himself would be founded on love, growing together and faith. The harsh reality is that when you have a horrible record for choosing mates, these scenarios often turn out to be about money despite how good of a person you are. In my case, my education was at that of a high school graduate, my income was in the low thirties, and my desire to be a good father was desperate, especially with a woman who emphasized manhood and financial security being synonymous. So at this point, my options were very limited. I considered and even tried selling drugs but to be quite honest, I was a bad hustler, my depression only caused me to “get high on my own supply”, not to mention I was staying with relatives who were the quintessential weed heads, so my supply diminished very quickly due to favors and a sense of obligation to contribute to a household that I lived on a roach filled couch. One could only imagine the madness I was going through, and for the sake of keeping this article lively, I will just say… Something had to give.

Now, I know you all are wondering what type of women pays for sex? Well it is quite simple. The type of women that pay for sex, not all may I add, but the ones I have come across fall into three categories:


 1. Jaded

2. Corporate

3. Desperate


Let’s start with jaded, we all know her, she is the woman who has tried on numerous occasions to share a wealth of love in her heart and has constantly given it away to the wrong man. This is the saddest of the three because she in retrospect is “wifey material” and at some point has given up. She chooses not to settle for any man, but at the same time, she refuses to take a chance on even trying again. I relate to her the most because I too have become this way. It is easier for her to live the dream of love at her whim, no matter what the price is. With her it isn’t about sex, but more so about being appreciated. She is like Cinderella in a sense, leaving behind her glass slipper (hotel key, phone number, etc) and waiting on her prince charming to come and save her. In this case, I am that prince charming. The company is always good, the money is even better, and if it ever reaches that point, the sex is almost phenomenal. At the end of it all, I wipe her tears, as I stare into her pain ridden eyes, kiss her good night, and move on to my next appointment before she “catches feelings”. The escort rule of thumb is “always business, always pleasure, never personal”. The jaded are the most dangerous to deal with if you are a man like me because at some point you begin to care.


Next on my list is the corporate woman, or as I would like to call her “the corpbitch”. A woman like this has everything others would want. She has attended the top schools, makes the top pay, and is highly influential. The problem with women like this is that in being so competitive to be on top, they forget to be grounded in their femininity. They become almost like their male counterparts, and tend to have no appreciation for anything outside of the materialistic. The corpbitch is usually a quick fix. An email or phone call in advance asking to meet as some hotel bar (usually the Hilton or Marriot”, a couple of drinks, a few demeaning comments about my choice of profession, and then I whisk her upstairs for what is the highlight of the evening… What I do like about these women is their willingness to try out their sexual fantasies, while helping me live out mine. Role play, S&M, threesomes, anything you can think of, they are willing to do. They are not as passionate or emotionally intense in the bedroom, but they do give it a valiant effort. There is less to worry about with them physically as well because they live in the gym, the stress of work keeps their weight down, and their money helps keep them young. These women are usually divorcees, unhappily married, or just dissatisfied despite their great achievements. The corpbitch is a fascinating and ungrateful woman.


Lastly, they are my least favorite but highest paying customers, the desperate woman. Her looks are not that great, neither is her body, so it is hard for her on the dating scene, and in some cases, it is hard for me to get erected in the bedroom when dealing with them. In extreme cases, this was remedied by the use of a little magic pill called Viagra, or its distant cousin Cialis. My usual regiment for turning myself on was often a combination of Guinness, Ginseng, and Redbull. As I was beginning to say, these women just long for a passionate night, a warm embrace, even to be told that they are loved, and if the price is right, I do oblige. For me, after seeing what I’ve seen and experiencing what I’ve experienced, love is a matter of how much people are willing to do and withstand for each other. How much the past means to their future, how we forgive, and how we cherish each other. I have yet to meet anyone who exudes the deep emotional bond like the above mentioned. The desperate woman aims to please but usually fails miserably because she has not been loved enough to deliver on her end. This is the two position girl (missionary and doggy), the quick nut, the 3 am call and 6 am departure.


You can make great business connections and you control your own finances, however  “pimps” or “managers” do exist.  My audition video garnered a lot of attention from clients and sustained me for quite a few years before my spiritual awakening. Though I am still on a journey to recovery, I do not regret my past. It just makes it harder to appreciate a good woman, or even discern what a good woman is, knowing that the women I have mentioned exist. Escorts are the faces for infidelity, sexual inhibition, and dirty little secrets. The decision to enter this industry is ultimately up to you. I am not here to influence your way of thinking, I’m just here to provide a different perspective. If you choose this lifestyle then you MUST establish your sexual preference (gay, straight, bi, transgendered, etc), you MUST use protection and get checked routinely, and lastly, you must be numb to any romantic emotions, while being a great actor at the same time. Of course there is more to my story, but there wouldn’t be a part two if I told you everything now would there?



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