COLOR – BLOCKING: Let’s Do It Right

Color – blocking is wearing two or more solid blocks of color in a single outfit.

Color – blocking is not a new trend but it is definitely back and making a lot of noise (literally)! Here are a few tips if you want to try it. It’ll be fun!

1. DO pick colors that go well together!
With color-blocking you can almost wear any colors together, but if you don’t have time to experiment, using the color wheel is an easy way out. Complimentary colors (opposite sides of each other) on the wheel will go well together.

Color Wheel

2.DO use it to accentuate and to minimize.
Not only can color-blocking bring some flavor in your wardrobe but it can also make you look and feel better all around. By wearing brighter colors in some areas while wearing darker colors on other areas you can bring the focus on your favorite area and slim down your least.

3.DO pick the colors that look best on you
Color-blocking is a pretty broad trend but there are some rules. You must pick colors that look best on you. Don’t choose colors that are going to overpower your skin tone. Wear colors for example that are going to make your skin look brighter and your hair shinier.

Leona Lewis color blocking

4.DO be creative and color-block with not only clothes but accessories
Using clothes to color-block has been highlighted a lot but there are other ways to pull it off. You can also rock this cool trend by wearing a bright bag or multi colored bold bangles.

Color blocking with accessories
Color blocking with accessories

5.DON’T use more than three colors
Color-blocking is a risky fashionable trend but remember that is should be fashionable. Too many loud colors could make you start to look like a clown rather than trendy.


6.DON’T be afraid to cheat
I am not going to lie matching colors especially bold ones may not be the easiest task so don’t be afraid to cheat a little. If you feel that you will have difficulty but still want to be fashion forward try one piece outfits. Very popular in the stores today are dresses displaying this awesome trend.

Color blocking dress

7.DON’T be hesitant to use basic colors
I know that color-blocking is a great way to import bold colors into your wardrobe but if you are more into neutrals you can still keep up with the fashion world. Color-blocking can also be done by pairing blacks, whites, creams, and grays.

Color blocking with neutrals

8.DON’T be too shy to experiment
Color-blocking can definitely be done wrong so it obviously risky, but fashion is fun so why not experiment and risk creating a cool new look?


Color blocking



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