Be Happy and Single on Valentines Day


Valentines Day…. a day full of chocolate, kisses, flowers, affection, and LOVE LOVE LOVE!

For those ladies in a relationship, Valentines Day is their favorite holiday right in between Christmas and their birthday. For those of us who are single however, its a constant reminder to how “alone” we are. I mean seriously… who made this holiday up anyway?!

Now, for my single friends… DON’T SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS! Don’t publicize how lonely you feel or how much you wish you were in a relationship, it won’t compensate for the fact that there isn’t anyone there for you to hold at night. As a female, our emotions end up getting the best of us and we end up feeling bitter for being single and end up not enjoying Valentines Day (or any day for that matter).

Ladies, I want you to do something special for yourselves. Treat yourself to something good, you deserve it! If you don’t know how to treat yourself, how can you expect a man to know how to treat you? One must first learn how to be single (and how to be happy single), before going out and committing to someone else. A man should be able to compliment your womanhood; your man should be able to complete everything you lack, not be your everything.

Don’t allow Valentines Day turn you into a woman scorned, take the time to appreciate and love yourself. Take my brief advice and be secure in the fact that you are all the loving you need. Besides, Valentines Day really isn’t that bad of a day! Me and a few of my single girlfriends already have dinner plans for Valentines Day. No reason for me to stay home just because I don’t have a man to take me out.



Happy Valentines Day Ladies!



P.S. Treat yourself before you play yourself. Living social and Groupon have some good deals going on. Check them out before they expire!



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