Styling and Profiling with the Man in the Mirror

Do you remember the time when all it took was hair spray, a teasing
comb, the blow dryer and the man in the mirror. Better yet, when you
went through a jar of activating gel to get your mane’s juicy curls.
Who’s Bad? Michael Jackson was the optiome of trend setting. Even
today the 80’s reinvents itself. Fluff, teased & laid to the side with
a small tooth comb was the desired look men and women loved to
replicate. MJ’s look represented freedom and effortless movement, much
like dancing in front of a fan! Fire catching styles that caught the
audience eye and inspired them to look, sing & dance like the King. My
favorite look was baby Mike when a Afro pick and hair grease was all
he needed. I remember moon walking in the mirror with a huge fro, my
dad’s all white work shirt & tube socks right before my mom would comb
my hair. Whether his voice was seen or heard Michael jackson’s
performances activated the child in all of us. The need to sing along,
dance or simply act a fool invades our bodies the second one of his
classics began to play (which is all of them). While we may all
believe we have a little Michael in us, his presence, his energy, his
motivation, his talents & his pure soul will never be duplicated.
Michael Jackson truly is the greatest. R.I.P and we shall dance forever!


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