Squirting Secrets Revealed: How to achieve Female Ejaculation?

There is a new way to reach that pivotal peak ladies, and trust me it’s a wild one!  Squirting has been described as the most invigorating gust of bliss. 

Now before you write this off as another sexual fad, hear what others have to say about it:

“It feels like a heat comes over your body then a burst into the air!”- Candace, 30

“It’s rare, but once I find the one who can squirt I’m not going anywhere!”- Luis, 24

“It’s uncontrollable; it just shoots out and you’re knocked out!”- Angelica, 44

“You have to find the right person and it will be an unforgettable experience.”-Alonzo, 28


Yes, after speaking to a few subscribers, it was determined that this phenomenon of squirting was one to find out more about.  So how do you reach this climax?  Well, it’s all about stimulation.  Either during foreplay or intercourse, it is up to you to help your man aid you in reaching your “squirting” peak.  Have your man rub or lick your clitoris vigorously with passion.  Once you begin to feel an urgency to urinate, you must try to relax your body and refrain from clenching.  Do not worry about urinating, you will NOT pee on him.  But you need to focus all your energy on not succumbing to the automatic reaction to clench right before you climax.  By relaxing your body and letting your inhibitions go, you will have an orgasm that may shoot right across the room!  Yes, right across the room; it has been done!

Do not be alarmed; it will come out as a clear-like fluid and it will leave you in complete bliss.  For my multi-orgasmic peak ladies, you may experience it more than once if you follow the method mentioned.  There are few who have mastered this “squirting” skill, and I have heard nothing but good reviews.  Men are fascinated with this new skill, and some live to help their women reach this point.  Now it can get messy, but if you’re adventurous and spontaneous the mess should not be a problem.  After all, how many women can say they have a fountain between their legs?  Next time, you want to spice things up in the bedroom, squirt for your man.  It’s an action that you both won’t forget.

For further ideas. Check out this video from 365 sex tips.



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