Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

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Lights! Camera! Strike a pose! The stage is set in Paris where several designers gather to exhibit their artistic craftsmanship and move the audiences to wear their designs for any occasion. Whether it be enjoying a walk on the park or feeling elegant standing at the hotel lobby, all designers want to provide a look for that occasion with what is being presented in their line.

Kanye West’s new line, Dw, surely stirred the pot when it came to designers. Given that his line was featured in Fashion Week Paris, one would expect highly from him. In comparison to sports, Fashion Week Paris is considered to “the big leagues” for fashion and the most notorious designers exhibit their couture there. Much planning and preparation is needed for an event to take place on a big stage; clearly, Kanye West failed to take this into consideration until after he was slammed by critics. West’s attempt to make a line only resulted in the dull applause of other designers at the event; it was an entire bore for some. “I stopped looking at it when I saw the first model”, a colleague comments.

However, there might be a little hope for West’s creditability as a designer since he is avidly supported by friends such as Ciara. But when Editor in Chief Anna Wintour is a guest for a fashion show, it is best to acknowledge that first impressions are not to be mediocre. Some saw the line as an anticipated train wreck while others appreciated the fact West decided to cross-over into the fashion world. It is seldom heard for a musical artist to do such a thing. Surprisingly enough, Anna Dello Russo was seen wearing one of West’s dresses, which really made the crowd raise their eyebrows.

Fashion Week designers in Paris know not to produce any fashion flops when it comes to runway. Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld, receives extraordinary praise for looks that he presented on the runway. They were classic, simple and chic; all of these qualities are which Chanel is known for. Lagerfeld really won the crowd over with his jackets and black dresses. Dior had provided simple but indulging concepts on the runway too. Dior’s use of red on the runway turned heads; however, neutral colors still had most of the spotlight when it came to design. Designs by Lanvin were highly anticipated after press releases with several different magazines; they have done an excellent job indeed. And who could possibly forget Alexander McQueen? McQueen represents a chic style that is unique in its individual way. His ideas and insight still remain strong in fashion despite his passing.

2011 Fashion Week Paris definitely served it best this year in terms of apparel. It is no doubt that New York designs from this year will go head to head in order to contend for the most chic concept. For others it is just a moment to exhibit artwork one produces to gain recognition for design. In all hope, fashion flops won’t be seen in runway.




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