Diddy Hacked!

source: http://www.missxpose.com/

Looks like they got Diddy, too!  Sun Times reports that Combs has been hacked and someone has access to social security information, photos ( I bet you immediately thought of Cassie), and other celebrities information as well.

The show-biz mogul reportedly was freaked out to learn the extent of his identity theft — including access to some very private photos (allegedly of Combs and R&B singer Cassie) on his computer, plus all kinds of personal financial information involving his Social Security number, passwords opening access to bank accounts and a wide range of Combs’ business interests.

Beyond that, his cell phones were hacked, unlocking the private numbers of Combs’ legion of famous friends and associates — including a couple of stars who reportedly already have received texts they assumed were from Diddy but were not.

“It’s a big mess,” a good Diddy buddy tells me, explaining Combs has hired a team of identity theft pros and security experts to clean it all up.

In the meantime, Combs is telling friends to beware of messages they think are from him — via text, e-mail, Twitter or even voicemail. “Diddy’s voice is so easily mimicked,” said the source.

One can only imagine what they stumbled into. We’ve already seen some very interesting pictures of Cassie in past so can you imagine Cassie + Diddy + Camera? That would = A HOT MESS.


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