Ashton’s Alleged Mistress

Brittney Jones, the woman who claimed to have slept with Ashton  feels “vindacted” by Demi Moore’s divorce statement.  No one believed her because at the time she made this claim, she also had a sex tape out that Ashton was not in…. that raised a few  eyebrows.  Ashton’s lawyers put out a statment which did not completely deny her story.

According to TMZ, Jones feels sad but vindicated somewhat.

She also said, “For so long people have thought that I was  dishonest or just making up my passionate nights with Ashton, when in fact I was  being used.”

“Ashton told me that both he and  Demi had an ‘open relationship’ and that he was not in fact cheating.  Now I can  tell all the facts about how Ashton really was, and hopefully people will  believe my side of the story.”

Still, Jones says, “I feel for Demi very much and wish her nothing but the best during this  hard time.”

I personally do not know what to think anymore. This story has gone back and forth too many times. And there are too many “he said” “she said”for me to keep up. What do you think? Did Ashton eat his cake and have it too???




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