Fun fact: I am a total bookwhore and bibliophile with a small but growing collection of decoratively bound classics. What does one do with a BA and MA in Literature and an MSLIS? Why get a job in fashion-land of course! Well, that is if you are like me and just can't help but troll through department stores redressing the maniquins to be more stylish (for some reason these department store maniquins just can't put an outfit together). My brief--okay 5 year-long--forray into pageant land and promotional modeling taught me the importance of and secret tricks to accessorizing well. It is both a science and and art that offers endless sources of inspiration and joy. I want to share it with all of you. Well, I hope you enjoy my articles, style picks, and sense of humor. Feel free to check out my personal blog at: http://le-ruban.blogspot.com