It’s rare in today’s society to find a combination of intelligence and beauty topped off with modesty, but Kelly Harry does it with style. Kelly was born in 1989 on the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago in the community of Carenage. At the age of 10, her mother sent her to live in New York City with her father and older brother for the opportunity to receive a better education. New York City would become the place where this vibrant young woman would sketch her name in the world of journalism. From a very young age, she has dreamt of becoming a journalist. Intrigued by the arts, she taught herself how to sing, play the piano, clarinet, guitar and violin. Kelly was surrounded by inspirational individuals, and with the support of her family, she was encouraged to follow even her wildest dreams. “I admire people who are polymaths – people who are talented and take an interest in so many different and disparate areas,” Kelly says. “Leonardo da Vinci (artist, architect, sculptor, engineer), Isaac Newton (mathematician, physicist); but there are also many modern-day polymaths around.” Kelly holds a degree in Media technology and Management, and is currently double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Economics. She enjoys writing and reporting about miscellaneous topics, while finding her niche in the exciting field of journalism and hopes to become a news analyst in the very near future. Though education is her main priority, as Miss Tropical Paradise 2011, she deems it her obligation to make the most of her title especially when it comes to philanthropy. “The mere thought that I can make a living doing what I love keeps me motivated,” Kelly says. “To me, the main purpose in life is to figure out your passion and pursue it full force, and during your journey to success you must help others. Blessings will overflow as a result, not to mention, you’ll feel great about yourself.” In her spare time, she has also been known to grace many a runway, interviewed various celebrity’s, and has been in countless photo shoots for both upcoming and well-known designers. Kelly is also a proud member of The New York Press Club and has recently interned for News 12, Fuzion Magazine, Giant Magazine, Media Atlas Corp, and TheMagazine(OK). So what’s the key to success according to Kelly? “Have faith, stay modest, stay driven and things will fall into place,”