Casey Russell

Fashion has always been a powerful part of my life, I enjoy the art that is creating clothing and taking it from inspiration to wearable masterpiece. I knew at a young age I was somewhat different from other kids my age, they cared about clothes and brands; I cared more about clothing and style. At 16, I wanted to learn how clothing was made, so I bought a sewing machine, soon I was self-teaching myself the basic of garment creation. By 19, I ventured into the underground fashion world of New York City. I was meeting with some of the greatest young artists of our time, many of who have blossomed wonderfully. By 21, I had taken a break from school and my Fashion Marketing degree to do something that a professor told me to do, “Get real world experience” and that’s what I did. I immediately started in boutique retail where I got to style customers on a daily basis; soon I was styling and designing for these customers outside of work. Soon I was working with new up and coming photographers and creating fashionable images, from there is all history. Writing has always been a second passion of mine and combining the two was an easy decision. Writing about fashion gives another outlet for people to get entangled within the web that is art and gives them a new way to view fashion.