Fuzionista: Diana Arvizu

Diana Arvizu is the founder of fashion and style blog, The Neon Factor. (http://www.theneonfactor.com) The Neon Factor is about celebrating bright and fun colors and how to incorporate them in your everyday wardrobe.



Diana starting blogging in 2012 as an escape from the stress of school and two jobs. She never knew that her obsession for clothing and style could be shared with the world. What started as a hobby for her passion for fashion has now become something much more. Diana posts daily inspirations with outfit posts and trend posts.


“It’s exciting for me to blog and share my passion with the world. I grew up in a very small town in Georgia. My mind was just as small as the town itself since blogging, Instagram, Tumblr, have not come into the mainstream world. Moving to Houston has definitely changed my way of thinking. I was exposed to a new world, different people, food, lifestyle, and this all inspired me. I have always been obsessed with clothing, even before I knew. I would play with my moms clothing and I always wore clothing that was a bit different from the rest of the girls my age. I always tried to fit in style wise but somehow it never worked. Now I embrace it, I constantly challenge myself to rock clothing that many people and myself included could be a bit scared of. My goal with The Neon Factor is to inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and try new styles that they may have not tried before.”

Also, check out her website theneonfactor.com and social media TheNeonFactor



Her Five must have in her closet is:

Nude pumps

Black leather skirt

White and black tees

Bold bomber jacket

Metallic purse