HIV Results Instagram Pic IS A Fake And Posted By Ex

Have you seen this IG pic? It went viral for the last few days and stirred up some serious controversy. So as it turns out, the man from those ig pics claims he was hacked by a bitter ex-girlfriend in the video. To dispel the any further rumors, he also took an HIV test on camera and the results were NEGATIVE.


It appeared that he post his positive test results, but he also admitted that he’d known about his status for months prior and still had unprotected sex with numerous women or ‘dez bitches’.







It also appeared that despite his admission of guilt and his apology, he encourages all of his followers to get tested.

He writes [sic]:

“Life is crazy!! I’ve been ripin & running dez streets, fuckin dez bitches with no regard & some w. no protection, smh!!! popping condoms & all.. Smoking & drinking behind n*ggaz just putn everyone at risk…. I knew 4 a few months I was sick but my don’t give a uck attitude kicked in. Now I just wanna say sorry, get tested yall.”

He claims that none of these posts were done by him and it was posted by a very upset ex girlfriend.

Check out the video below where the real results have been revealed that they are negative:

These viral photos still carry some weight. Please always protect yourself.

So Fuzionistas, how far would you go for revenge for an ex? Would you ever do anything like this? I would love to hear from you guys.


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