Anonymous Targeting Kayne West?

 A person or persons claiming to be affiliated with the Internet activist collective known as Anonymous released a video aimed squarely at Kanye West. The international activist/hacktivist group are known for swiftly shutting down businesses, and have made headlines for flooding online forums, denying services for major credit cards, releasing private emails from Bank of America, leaking private information from sheriff’s offices, and hacking systems in countries all across the world.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Feb. 22, shows a person in a Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol associated with the group, taking aim at Kanye for most aspects of his personal and professional life.

A voice on the video criticizes Kanye for everything from his ego to his work in the fashion business, at one point even bringing up the rapper’s late mother.

“Ah, yes, your mother would have loved it. I’m sure she would have jumped right in the picture for her own close-up. Oh, Mr. West, I’m sure she would have been delighted with the both of you. I bet even Jesus himself would be proud to walk with you. My, you’ve changed so much since your humble beginnings, but you’ve never once been humble. You’ve always been egocentric. You see, Mr. West, we once had a great deal of respect for you. We admired your art, creativity, original vision, and non-conformity in your work, but now Anonymous has targeted you now with this message because you disgrace what we stand for.”

The narrator from anonymous group also slams Kanye for Kim Kardashian’s nude pics that were part of her “Break the Internet” campaign last year.

“A woman who skates through life with the praise and worship fueled by the leak of a sex tape on the Internet. Really Mr. West? Is this the best you could do with so many talented, artistic women across countries? By approving this irresponsible behavior, you are accepting the reality that one day your daughter will face the repercussions of this photo with classmates in school. You also are condoning this to the young girls who follow Kim on Twitter and witnessed her success as she continuously rises to fame and stardom using her body. What a fantastic moral to spread, right?”
“It’s time to awaken from your insanity Mr. West. In reality you’re not a Renaissance man, you’re just are a new slave that the industry uses to keep the population in a cycle of stupidity and distraction,” the narrator says.
 What do you guys think?


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