This Fuzionista Rocks!

Fuzion Mag loves loves loves stylist/ fashion blogger Soraya De Carvalho! She is  our fashion favorite fuzionista. She is chic, classy, effortless and creative. We like that she steps out of the trends and creates her own trends. We also love how fuzionista Soraya mixes high and low pieces in her looks. It takes talent to mix Asos with Louboutin.  This fuzionista has and does  it all. We love the creative concepts and looks that she has put together for her fashion blog. Check out our 9 top Soraya favorite looks below:styleismythingfuzionmag styleismything styleismythingfuzionmag styleismythingfuzionmag styleismythingfuzionmag1

pastellookfromstyleismything styleismythingfuzionmag2 styleismythingblue styleismythingfuzionista styleismythingtutu



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