Pepsi and Penguin, Live for Now


Pepsi and Penguin teamed up to launch an eclectic and trendsetting line called Live for Now. Live for now means what it says, be an original and live in the present! On May 21st at the Penguin Store in Soho NY, designers and PR gathered to view this innovative line, full of color and patterns by acclaimed artists. We had the chance to talk to the brains behind the operations, catch our exclusive interview below!


Adam Weir: Penguin Designer

The inspiration for this colorful collaboration came from the Pepsi headquarters itself. “We were approached by Pepsi to take artists from all over the world and create something original and fun.” This was such a beautiful collaboration, for example a shirt was done by one of our interns. We gave him this Hattie Stewart Artwork and he came back with this T-Shirt and we we’re like “oh my god we’ve been thinking about this the wrong way.” So this young 22 year old showed us how it should be done, redefining it completely.”


Pepsi approached Penguin with artists that the knew would positively impact the aesthetic of the line. “Pepsi picked the artists after launching a soccer campaign using artwork by 6 brands. They realized the artists designs were so breathtaking that it needed to be out on clothing. Penguin is the official clothing line for Pepsi so we were thrilled to be a part of this! We are a print based company, so these prints were just amazing. All the artists had fun with each print and never took it too seriously!”




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