New Blingy Accessory Trend We Can’t Get Enough OF – Flash Tattoos

If you’re a huge Beyonce (Stance) fan then you’ve already taken notice of the glints accessory of that sliver & gold that has embody her skin. Flash Tattoos has come back better than ever. I remember the days I would pick up a Cracker Jack box for the small flash tattoo that would last day or two.

This latest trend has solved the most asked question, what accessory should I wear?  Now with the holidays right around the corner, you can flaunt this accessory for all to see. Limelight tattoos took this trend even further and has distribute a Limited Edition: Holiday collection. This holiday collection will surly make you stand out, from the silver snowflake to the poinsettias the flash tattoos will look perfect paired with a cute cocktail dress. The best thing about Limelight tattoos holiday edition is that their affordable, this can be a great gift to give to your closest girlfriend without breaking your bank.

courtesy of Limelight Tattoos

Be sure to check out and while you’re there check out their other collections! One of our favorites is the Flawless collection.


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