How to Get Sexy Abs?

Strong Abs

get sexy abs

Trying to achieve sexy abs?

This is the best time to start working on it and get ready for all of those sexy Halloween costumes.

Before you start this regiment, you must take the time to figure out what level you are. You do not want to over exert yourself and cause an injury.

Beginners level-
You should do at least 2 sets and 8 repetitions for each ab blasting move. For the exercise that you have to hold your body in a stabilization position such as seated holds, russian twist and planks. Hold for at least 20 seconds. So are you a beginner? Well, if you haven’t worked out in the last year  then you are considered a beginner.
Moderate level-
people should do at least 3 sets and 10 repetitions for each exercise. For the exercises that you have to stabilize your positions, hold for at least 30 seconds. such as seated holds, russian twist and planks.
Start off slow and when you build enough strength switch to the advance level.
Advance level- people who workout all the time should do at least 4 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise. For the exercises that you have to hold your body for at least 40 seconds. So are you an advance level?
The advance person goes to the gym regularly and workouts on a consistent basis 
To avoid injury 
Stretch for at least ten minutes before and after the workout to avoid pulling a muscle. Work on proper form and do not rush through any exercise. Hydrate through out the workout to avoid cramping of muscles.
Keep in mind that YOU do not have to do the abs workout everyday.

Check out this great #fitfuzion workout routine  created by celebrity personal trainer Donnie Hodge.


Toe touches 8-12 reps 2-4 sets Toetouch(1)

 Leg raises 8-12 reps 2-4 sets


Sit-ups 8-12 reps 2-4 sets


Russian twist 20-40 seconds 2-4 sets


In and out 8-12 reps 2-4 sets


Opposite hand to leg touch 8-12 reps 2-4 sets


 Leg flutters 20-40 seconds 2-4 sets


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