Fuzionista: Beatrice Gutu

Our Fuzionista for this week is a 19 year old, enthusiast and fashion lover from a little country Moldova. Beatrice is obsessed with vintage, green tea, chocolate, traveling and history, but above all fashion. “When I was a child I used to look through my mom’s Vogue and Elle magazines and I just could keep staring for hours at all the beautiful clothes and models and since then I’m dreaming to become a stylist”. Beatrice started her blog as a way to express herself and her sense of fashion and also to get to know its whole mysterious world better. Her main focus is to inspire and to be inspired by people around the world and my biggest dream is to travel all around the world. Check her website out: http://www.thefashioncuisine.com



IMG_4131 IMG_3920 IMG_8968



5 Must haves:

1. Classic Blue Shirt

2. Wide Leg Trousers

3. A Pastel Jacket

4. A pearl necklace

5. A pair of Adidas Superstar


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