Ever since Banks’ fantastically filthy single 212 was released in 2011, her mic skills have been consistently overshadowed by a series of controversies – including the “falling out” with Pharrell over her poppy single ATM Jam, and a very public spat with Universal, which lead her to leave the record label this year.

Broke With Expensive Taste had disaster written all over it because all of this controversy surrounding it, however, it’s nothing short of a miracle that it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, Banks delivers an album that her 1991 EP and amazing Fantasea mixtape only hinted at,  proving all of  her haters wrong.

“Ima be legendary when I end this,” she raps over the intimidating thuds of Ice Princess, the album’s darkest moment that finishes with the chilling line: “Cold-killer so now you know.”

Her album takes in such a flurry of styles – Jamaican dancehall, Spanish flamenco,  electronica, 60s doo-wop, indie-rock and gangsta rap – that to call it a hip-hop album is doing it a complete disservice. Banks shines throughout the album by being a sassy, supersmart dope lyricist and totally making up for her previous min

Whether she’s rapping over bonkers trumpet jam Gimme A Chance, the really dope nightclub anthem Heavy Metal and Reflective, the eclectic electronica of Desperado, or the hip pop of Soda, she goes beyond, proving to us and everyone that once and for all that 212 was absolutely no fluke. By the time you get to 212, you’ll realize Broke With Expensive Taste is so good that Banks didn’t even need to include it.

Fuzionistas, Azealia Banks delivered the dopest debut that we knew she was capable of.


After the unexpected release of her critically acclaimed debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste,” Azealia Banks has premiered the official music video for her current single “Chasing Time.”

The stunning new video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, made its worldwide premiere today via MTV, MTV2, MTV Jams and MTV Hits and will be aired throughout the day. Fans can also view and share the video online today via

In its first week of release “Broke With Expensive Taste” has reached #1 on the U.S iTunes Hip Hop Charts, #3 in the U.S Album Charts (right behind Taylor Swift and One Direction), #1 in the U.K iTunes Alternative Charts, # 6 in U.K iTunes Album Charts, #1 in the Canadian iTunes Hip Hop Charts and #4 in the Canadian iTunes Album Charts, as well as achieving impressive chart status across Europe, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Asia and Australia, all on the first day of release.

Broke With Expensive Taste” is also the third most streamed album this week on Spotify.

Broke With Expensive Taste” is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


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