Angela Simmons New Faux Furs Line Foofi


By Tyesha Litz

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Angela Simmons is making a significant impact on the fashion industry. First, she has successfully launched a dynamite sneaker line with her sister Vanessa Simmons called Pastry which is making sneaker heads everywhere turn to take notice. Plus, she has just recently launched her own fashion blog / shopping site called Angela I Am. Finally, to round out her list of accomplishments, there will soon be an additional faux fur line Foofi.

Angela posted the many different looks on her blog and her Instagram; quickly every major fashion blogging site has featured pictures of Angela rocking these trendy faux furs. Fashion blogging sites are now buzzing with anticipation for Angela’s Foofi line. With Beyoncé’s new videos featuring many colorful Versace furs as well as Rihanna stepping out in the New York streets with a beautiful bright pink Tom Ford fur coat, Angela is offering customers a stylish, cruelty free option to this winter’s hottest trend. While, the official release date has not been stated, Angela has posted many statements on both her blog and Instagram that she’s working hard on it currently and that we should be seeing a product soon and I for one cannot wait.






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