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|Staff Writer| Shanieka Perrier

Treasure Davis is a new innovative artist ready for the world to watch her shine. She is a musical love child of Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. You can catch her new single, “Someone New,” featuring the legendary Slick Rick. The singer/ songwriter and actress grew up from the rough edges of Los Angeles, California. Davis was destined to become an artist; her mother was a noted painter and father sculptor she was surrounded by immaculate talent. Davis grew up listening to a well-rounded sound of music such as R&B soul, alternative rock, classical, reggae and many more. Treasure Davis is someone new to watch out for.

Fuzion Magazine had the privilege to speak with Treasure Davis and the transcript is featured below. “It’s what inside of my soul that’s being translated,” quoted the star.

Fuzion Rep: How was it working with the legendary Slick Rick, have you always had him in mind?

Davis: He has always been one of my favorite musicians because he’s such a clever and animated storyteller. One of my first raps I’ve ever learned was the Children’s Story with all of the different voices. I was honored and blessed that he was going to be a part of my single.

Fuzion Rep: What was the concept behind the video?

Davis: The visual behind the video… In the studio, I see bikes, I see colors, I see the beach and it started to unfold…So luckily enough I was blessed to work with the director and share with him my ideas and bring to life the vision that I had after creating the song…It’s just color and animation. It’s what it is supposed to be…

Fuzion Rep: Where do you get your sense of style or fashion from? What inspires your look?

Davis: I think I’ve always been different. I have my own unique style. I’m most inspired by freedom. A particular artist that I love is Cindy Lauper. She’s completely uninhibited, she wears funky colors, and rolling sleeves…It just screams freedom. As I said before Cindy Lauper, Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball, those are the main three. There’s something that’s so classic about them, yet quirky. The way you dress, your  wardrobe, it’s just another art form of expression… another way to express who I am that day, how I’m feeling that day… it might be fun-free, colorful, demure, it might be feeling pop artist, Andy Warhol’s… I don’t know, whatever I’m being influenced by that day…

Fuzion Rep: Who can we expect to hear you do a next collaboration with? I know you’ve worked with Kevin McCall, Eric Bellinger.

Davis: I’ve worked with some really cool people in the past year. Ahh, I’m not sure who I can say will be the next feature. [Laughs] Ask me next week… I will say that I’ve been in the studio with some really amazing artists within the past couple weeks… I don’t know if I am at liberty to say.

Fuzion Rep: That’s okay we will stay tuned to your fan page and look out for what’s next. I think you’ve given us a hint through the pictures you post.

Davis: Yeah, keep checking, I’ll be posting some really cool stuff very soon. I am excited! We will see what makes the cut to the world. [Laughs]

Fuzion Rep: How did you feel when you débuted in  Stevie Wonder’s Charity event?

Davis: I met him at a friend’s house and I sang for him and he was taken back… I was sitting at the piano next to Stevie Wonder, what?!… I can’t even explain what that felt like…We were jamming at the piano for like 20-30 minutes. We sang jazz songs, Billie Holiday songs and then we started singing his songs. That was an amazing moment and of course we built a friendship and I later performed at his charity concert that he does every Christmas…It’s life changing when you get to meet the people that you grew up hearing, you know… What!

Fuzion Rep: When did you figure out this was the career choice for you?

Davis:  It’s funny because I can remember being five or six year old and my mom asks me, what do I want to do when I grow up? I told her to be a singer, actress and a heart surgeon and she said honey, you can be all three. [Laughs] I never thought this was a career choice, this was my own past time, my own hobby, and it was something that I love to do on my own… This was just my own personal love and passion… [It’s] not something I thought I would do full time.

Fuzion Rep: Did you always know you would become an artist today?

Davis: I think a part of me knew. I think a part of me always knew I’d be something. I come from two artistic parents.  You can try and run from it but it will… I just always knew I’d be something.

Fuzion Rep: Where do you get your musical sound from?

Davis: I get it from my mom, she artistic all around. She’s most notably spent her career painting and drawing. She has an incredible ear and voice as well as a writer. So I just came up with my mom always writing and my brother and my mom harmonizing… Music was always there.

Fuzion Rep: How has your life changed since your debut single?

Davis:  It’s funny how your life can change in a moment… I was literally in passing singing for my cousins at McDonald’s and a guy who was managing a group overheard…at that time I was just graduating high school with my friends …

Fuzion Rep: Wow the amazing things that can happen at McDonald’s.

Davis: I know right [She hums the McDonald’s jingle]

Fuzion Rep: I noticed on the single you were rapping…So are you a rapper as well?

Davis: [Laughs] I don’t classify myself as a rapper, I just classify myself as an artist. It just felt like that’s what the song wanted, so I gave it.

Fuzion Rep: Are you single, or have you found someone?

Davis: I’ll just say I have friends [laugh]

Fuzion Rep: What recommendations for any new artist trying to venture out in this the industry?

Davis: The advice I have is just to be true, go all the way in or go home. You gotta be passionate about it, give your all and be comfortable in what you bring to the table, be confident in what you have, embrace your uniqueness, be sincere and be true… We don’t need any other remakes or anymore imitations, just be yourself.

Fuzion Rep: Who is your mentor? What keeps you going?

Davis: Honestly what keeps me going is the drive to lead and be. Having given all that I’m meant to give. Every day is a new opportunity to be all that I was put on the earth to be. To share all that I was given to give and just to be a positive light. That’s honestly what drives me.

Fuzion Rep: How do you want people to feel when they hear a Treasure Davis song?

Davis: I’d like to say, when I’m creating, what I like to create a is a sonic-movie. A movie that whisks you away to another place. Whether or not it’s fun, vibrant or carefree or it just makes you forget about the drama… like someone new. I just want you to come on a journey with me.

Fuzion Rep: How does it feel to be a part of ByStorm/RCA working with Miguel, Christina Aguilera, Harry Belafonte, Fantasia, Jamie Foxx and the late Whitney Houston? What made you sign with them; I know you had previous offers…

Davis: It’s a great feeling… It’s a great feeling. What made me settle down with Bystorm was how soon they just got it. They didn’t just want to make radar; they wanted honest organic music, not a manufactured sound. They were as passionate about it as I am… Timing is everything.

Fuzion Rep: How does it feel to be a feature artist now? I know previously you sang back ground for Nicki Minaj, Kelly Price, and Keri Hilson.

Davis: It feels great. I got the opportunity to share my stories from my perspective and from my point of view and with my voice. Whereas before your writing or singing and doing so admiring other artist. It’s a very […] place to be able to share from my own perspective.

Fuzion Rep: What do you do on your spare time when you’re not recording music?

Davis: I love movies, I love reading, I love writing…Umm If I’m not with friends, it depends, I go from one end of the spectrum where I’m either writing or  I’m out at beach playing football. I don’t know, I’m kind of a tomboy.

Fuzion Rep: Can you tell me about your relationship with sour patch kids? Is that your favorite food?

Davis: [laughter] Yeah that’s my favorite food. That’s my favorite food in life, above everything, above chicken!  I love sour patch kids…  Those are my friends. I love candy, sour patch kids in particular…Umm hmm, Sour patch kids what up! [Laughs]


You can catch Treasure Davis premiering in her acting début, in Issa Rae’s, The Choir, on August 29, 2013.  You can also look out for her album releasing soon. In the meantime you can purchase her single, Someone New on Itunes. For any more information you would like to inquire visit her Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram.


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