Bulletproof Lips! Tips for longer lasting lipstick

We all wish our lipstick could last all day – we laugh, we drink, we talk and there it still is: the perfectly lined and glossed lip. Right? How can we finally achieve this without using products that leave our lips feeling dry and looking less than stellar? Let’s see!

Primer – There’s a primer for everything! Soon enough there’d be a primer for primer (Kidding!) We are just thankful for the innovation of this God sent product. It is usually clear in color and simply helps your lipstick to last longer and apply evenly and smoothly. (ELF Studio Lip Primer & MAC Prep + Prime lip)

lip primers for longer lasting lipstick

Lip liner – A fantastic product!  Lip liners are designed to give the lips a more defined shaped and even help the lips to appear fuller. A good tip when applying lip liner is to blend it inwards or color in the entire lip. It does two things: save you from that ring around the lips if your lipstick does fade and does in turn help your color to last.

lip liner for long lasting lipstick

Long wear lip products – Brands have seem to perfect this demand. Usually the formula’s in these long wearing lipstick and glosses tend to differ from brand to brand. Be sure to moisturize the lips with a balm before applying. (Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge & L’Oreal Infallible)

 longwear lipstick fuzion

 Blot lips with tissue – An age old trick that works every time. After the application of lipstick, follow these steps:

  1. Pull a tissue apart (so that it is thinner) and gently press it onto the lips.
  2. Reapply your color after blotting


By now you should definitely have bulletproof lips that would last you through that business meeting and dinner!

Written by: Jaleesa Jaikaran | Makeup Artist http://www.jaleesajaikaran.com


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