Stylishly Smart

written by Shakira Sealey

When the term “fashion” comes to mind, people usually think of it from an outside view instead of the internal layers underneath it. Lights, Camera, Action instantly come into their subconscious mind, with the addition of funky elaborate clothing and accessories. The designer will have a fashion show to showcase their work and watch the models represent their garments on the runway to fellow designers, bloggers and socialites alike. One might ask, what does it take to become a successful designer? How can I ensure that my designs will remain original and my ideas won’t betaken away from me? Some may view the fashion industry as a wonderful world to evolve and grow. The truth of the matter is many are unaware of the difficulties that designers and fashion professionals face in order to succeed.Being a fashion designer can be a hard knock life at first but with the right tools and connections the adversities faced will be short lived.Trendy and passionate fashion attorney Biana Boroukkovich is the perfect person to come to if you are a designer looking to achieve ultimate success. She stands true to her motto “ Our goal is your success” with each client that she represents. With Boroukkovich, maintaining a strong personal relationship with her clients is important to her. “ I almost feel like I’m their mother, counselor, mentor, everything because they come to me all the time for advice.” She adds, “ I want to make sure my clients feel as though I support their dream, I got their back.”

Biana is not your average attorney.

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