Stardom Redefined Icona Pop

Icona Pop

Written by: Tyesha Litz

Icona Pop is permeating the airwaves with their infectious sound, becoming a

global pop culture phenomenon. While this is owed in large part to their smash

hit “I Love It” which has been featured in TV shows, movies and commercials;

It’s the band’s unique sound and style that has everyone awaiting their debut album

due September 24th. As former club kids, it’s no wonder all songs featured

on their debut EP Icona Pop have distinct party vibe, they’re duo that is known

for having fun. Icona Pop consists of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo who met 4

years ago at a party while both were performing in other bands the time. The

two instantly clicked and started making music together. It is their strong bond

as friends and bandmates that enable them to work so well creatively. Now in the midst

of an international tour, the Swiss DJ duo are on the top of their game and show no signs

of slowing down. Recently Fuzion had the chance to talk with Aino Jawo, one half of Icona

Pop to get her take on the bands success and what they have in store for the future.

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