Rapper Lil’ Wayne Claims He Has Slept With NBA Star Chris Bosh’s Wife!

Rapper Lil’ Wayne seems to be having an all out war with the NBA recently, more specifically the Miami Heat team. According to TMZ, the rapper is claiming that he had sexual relations with Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne Williams-Bosh.  In a video which has been obtained by TMZ during NBA All-Star weekend the rapper claims that the, “The NBA banned me from all NBA events, I gotta let you know why, it’s because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”  In the video Lil’ Wayne continues his rant and says, ” F–k Lebron [James].  F–k Dwayne [Wade]. F–k Chris Bosh. F–k all y’all.”  He also declared that he also had sex with Chris Bosh’s wife.

This all seems to have stemmed from Lil’ Wayne being thrown out of a Heat game last week.  On February 10th, the Lollipop rapper claims that he was thrown out of a Miami Heat home game because he was cheering for the Lakers.  According to Hollywood Life, there are reports that Wayne was thrown out of the game because, “he was making gun gestures at other fans, and exchanged words with Heat player Dwayne Wade.”

Photos Courtesy of eonline.com



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