Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Mariah Carey Feud with Jay Leno

Nicki Minaj appeared on last nights episode of The Tonight Show and confirms that her feud with fellow American Idol judge and singer Mariah Carey was very real.

“It definitely isn’t a fake feud,” Nicki said.  According to Access Hollywood, the rapper said that some playful joking led to a blowup.According to Perez Hilton she also discussed her reasons as to why she decided to become a judge on American Idol and her previous ambitions.

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  1. omg I love nicki but in all seriousness the feud is crap over crap ok before all this blowup crap they did a song together called out my face. but this is bullcrap I think nicki’s point of view is better anyway… forget all yall haters ooh jlkfglk haters make me mad come at me, come at me


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