Michael Letterlough Jr. debuts “Legacy: Through the Eyes of A Child” at 92 Y Tribeca

Written By: Shakira Sealey

Imagine the thought process an artist goes through in creating the perfect picture. In order to be successful in creating a masterpiece, the artist must absorb all their senses and take in all their surroundings. Everything around them plays a factor in determining the destiny of their piece; from incorporating their senses, to their imagination, to interpreting their ideas with paint on paper. There are no second chances once the first stroke of paint hits the canvas. It has to be done right the first time.

 When people generally think of an artist, the first image that comes to mind is a person painting a portrait or creating a sculpture. Little do they know, photography is also a fine art which is starting to become recognized on the mainstream level by top art galleries as their equals. The legendary Michael Letterlough Jr. bridges the gap between celebrity photography and the perception of what should be shown in art exhibits, introducing his first photo exhibit to the public, “Legacy: Through the Eyes of a Child” at the 92Y Tribeca, which debuted on March 1st 2013.


Legacy is a revolutionary, progressive photography project that celebrates African American icons through the eyes of children. In what he calls his “ most personal work”, Letterlough describes his legacy project; “ Legacy is about paying homage to all of the icons that have made a difference throughout the history of our people, our country. I want people to see how these kids perceive the icons.” He adds that he wants his legacy project to further inspire children in keeping grips with their own dreams and aspirations, “ Children have the ability to be anything they want because they dream that way, the point is about not loosing your legacy, we can all create our own legacies.” He also emphasized that by children keeping their hopes and dreams alive, they can change the world, playing the roles of the game changers in society.

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