Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by Fatima Tan’ia

The Halloween countdown has officially begun and the only way to ensure a unique costume is to Do It Yourself (DIY). Whether you have been invited to a last minute party or just do not want to spend the money on a cookie cutter outfit we will give you ideas and instructions for making 7 unique Halloween costumes on a budget.

Bank Robber:

Bank Robber

  • Black and white stripe shirt
  • Black fabric/cloth (cut the eyes out and wrap around your head)
  • Black pants
  • Bag of any kind or pillow case (add dollar signs in a contrasting color for your money/candy bag)
  • Black Hat (baseball cap or beanie)

Essie Nail Polish:



  • Color Spandex Dress
  • White Paint
  • White top hat (optional)
  • White Pearls (optional)

Rosie Riveter:

Rosie Riveter

  • Denim Shirt (roll up the sleeves)
  • Red polka dot bandana (to wrap around your head)

Cat Woman:

cat woman

  • Black leotard, catsuit or turtleneck and liquid leggings
  • Red Lip
  • Black cloth/fabric (cut the eyes out and wrap around your head)
  • Black leather boots
  • Black wide belt
  • Eyelashes

The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan:

Great Gatsby 2 Great Gatsby

  • Flapper dress (or dress with short hemline)
  • Faux fur scarf
  • Glimmering accessories (as much bling as you can handle)
  • Blonde short bob wig
  • Jeweled head piece

Grease’s Sandy:

Sandy Grease Sandy Grease 2

  • Black leotard
  • Black eather skinny pants (or leggings)
  • Pink lips
  • Red Heel
  • Blonde wig
  • Black leather jacket

Orange Is the New Black:

Orange is the new black

  • Scrubs (orange or tan)
  • Sneakers
  • Temporary tattoos (the more visible the better)

Don’t over think your costume or you will take the fun out of dressing up and do not be afraid to utilize thrift stores for pieces that are not readily accessible to you. We hope these last minute ideas help. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Have fun and be safe.



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