Jadakiss Tells Exclusive Biggie Story at Cipha Sounds’ HipHop Improv

Photo by: Karl Ferguson (www.rageonemedia.com) Photo by: Karl Ferguson (www.rageonemedia.com)

By: Mario F. Daniels

Credit: Legion Media Group

On Friday, June 28, 2013, Jadakiss was featured in the Hip Hop Improv Show – TAKE IT PERSONAL presented by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), the top improv theatre and school in NYC. Improvisers Nick Kroll, Eugene Cordero, Joe Weingert, John Gemberling, Fran Gillespie, D’arcy Carden, George Basil, Mile Still, Cipha Sounds, Anthony Atamanuik
Abra Tabak, Brandon Gardner, Phil Jackson, Ryan Karels, Neil Cassey, Annie Barry, 
and Christian Capozzoli reenacted stories originally told by Jadakiss.
636 Photo by: Karl Ferguson (www.rageonemedia.com)
Jadakiss told an unforgettable story about the first time he met The Notorious B.I.G. and invited him to his 21st birthday party. Cipha Sounds said, “Hip Hop improv is taking over the world. Jadakiss walked into the event not knowing what the hell was going on and what I wanted him to do. He ended the night laughing hysterically and saying he wants to do the actual improv next time. Everyone loves it after they see it one time.”
666 Photo by: Karl Ferguson (www.rageonemedia.com)Take it Personal will continue every Friday at the legendary UCB Theater.

Music was provided by Hot 97’s DJ Spynfo.

Special Guests included Karlie Hustle (Hot 97), Keith Nelson (AllHipHop.com), Copper Tony (kevinnottingham.com), Eric Rosenthal (ItsTheReal.com), Toya Times (Video City), Jakk Doe (JackDoe.com), DJ N.O.E., Red, and Willy Dope of Par-City.

Images provided by Karl Ferguson.


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