On the Spot with Dr.G: Girls, We’re in a Candy Store!

written by Dr. Georgina Rose

You can’t go out wearing those plastic flip flops, your hair up and no make-up anymore if you want to find a husband,’ my 67-year-old fashion stylist friend tells me. We are meeting up for a local sushi in my neighborhood and I’m thinking, for goodness sake, can’t I get a break from trying continuously to fit in to the candy store of hot ‘Sex and the City’ style women we have created in Manhattan. I mean it is like a candy store. Guys just pick and choose, spit some out, have some more of the ones they like until they’re done, then move on.

My grandmother would agree. When I asked her what relationship advice she could give me, the only thing she said (and you have to imagine this being said with the utmost British aristocratic accent imaginable), “Georgie, just be gorgeous and let them run after you.”

And from these words of wisdom, I will now attempt to give you some advice to keep in mind at all times. The following should be the goal of your week. If you are looking for a guy (or dare I say a husband) and men are first and fore most attracted to physical looks, then make your best effort to fit the part.

However attractive or not you find yourself to be (and we all have bad hair days), I’m sure there are some days you find yourself better looking. Maybe it’s the make-up, more flattering clothing or maybe you’ve just had a bikini wax, and feeling like a woman. Whatever it takes, always try to look the best version of yourself. Get your hair done and visit your beautician. It’s all worth it. You’ll radiate differently and your confidence will be felt by our male New Yorkers, who after all are used to a certain standard. Weed through your wardrobe. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. It’s wasting space and there’s likely a reason you haven’t worn it again. Not only that, you need space for the right man. I recommend leaving some hangers empty as a reminder that you’re expecting the right guy into your life anytime soon.

It’s not just about the façade. Work on your body too. Take yourself to the gym or vary that with spinning, yoga or cross fit, all of which are slimming. The amount of times I’ve heard male friends complain about women being slightly overweight (when in fact they have a normal body mass index) and they are just not attracted to them because of this is astonishing. Write in your busy calendars when you intend on working out in the week, and don’t make excuses.  The endorphins you’re secreting while exercising (by the way, these are same neurotransmitters that are released to the brain while making love and during an orgasm) create a feeling of well-being.

Follow me next week for step 2 in getting ready for the One.





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