Chronicles of a Mad DJ: Inside DJ Havana Brown

To understand music, one has to be unified with the rhythm within a track that is meant to move you in and out of your emotions. The artist is the divine creator of this movement; she is the Da Vinci redefined. She paints Mona Lisa’s smile cross every mix and every fist pump, giving herself to the excited masses. This is how music should be understood.  I can define something so beautiful and true after a Havana Brown experience.  She is the Venus de Milo of DJ’s and has created a place in the music industry that is sure to withstand the test of time. We know longevity can often be a futile dream in the industry due to fly-by-night artist, but I am here to tell you that Havana Brown is carving out her lane and making a permanent mark in music. She is here to stay.


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Watch the Behind the scenes video:


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