Chrisette Michele’s New Album “Better” Is Neo-Soul At Its Best


By Tyesha Litz


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The story of Chrisette Michele is one of self-discovery and personal transformation. In the course of her 3-year hiatus (aside from her mixtape “Audio Visual Presentation: Audrey Hepburn” last year) Michele has recovered from  bad relationships, traveled the world, got a Grace Jones cut, become a vegan, lost 30 pounds, and wrote a book about her life. All these dramatic changes have edified Michele’s image, lyrical content and vocal quality, which are showcased in her new music.On her fourth stereo album “Better” Michele shares her emotional journey with us and demonstrates that having the courage to overcome personal adversities truly put you in touch with yourself.

“Better” is structured like an emotionally charged novel with each chapter addressing love in a deeply poignant way. “Be In Love” has a dance pop vibe that is the perfect complement to Michele’s optimistic lyrics, stating that despite having experienced pain in the past she wants to be in love. “A Couple of Forevers” and “You Mean That Much To Me” show a vulnerability in Michele when addressing her need to hold on to love, something that is lacking in so many of today’s love songs giving the tracks an old school feel. In “Supa” Michele’s powerfully laments her lover’s unrealistic desire to have her be perfect every minute of everyday. The album also features many excellent collaborations with a number of artists including Wale, 2 Chainz, Dunson, Bilal, and Nello Luchi. Michele’s vocals are amazing throughout the album, all it takes is one listen to understand why Michele’s voice has been compared to Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald for years. “Better” is hands down Michele best album to date. Don’t take my word for it listen for yourself.


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