Catch The Feverish Jewelry



written by Tyesha Litz

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Elephants, unicorns and crocodiles!  O my! Lee Il-jung’s Feverish jewelry line is anything but ordinary and the fashion world is taking notice.  The brand recently launched this February and has already been featured in many fashion publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. This 29 year old trail blazer has opened a number of boutiques in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and other locations across the globe.

Lee Il-jung visited many luxury stores  to introduce her unique jewelry line in which resulted a number of major retailers such as H.Lorenzo in LA and  Kabiri London to carry her brand. Her handmade designs range from Victorian-inspired to punk chic that often features spikes, studs, rhinestones and animals.





It is her unusual and varied range of style that has made her a favorite with the fashion media, fashion elite, trendsetters, and stylists. In addition, she showed her joint project with Swarovski at Swarovski Runway Rocks 2013 in Shanghai. It is clear to see that we can expect many big things from this young designer for many years to come.


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