Fuzion Mag’s Top Influentials: Amanda and Cindy Serrano

World Champion boxers Amanda and Cindy Serrano are the next best thing in women’s boxing.  The name “Serrano” is definitely a name that spells out confident, strong and represents what the sisters are famous for: a total knockout.  The sisters strong will and endurance for the sport is comparable to the Williams Sisters in Tennis.  They are definitely a force to be reckoned with and a threat while in the ring.  In the ring, they are not known as Cindy and Amanda Serrano as their alter egos take over for the kill as “Checkmate” (Cindy Serrano) and “The Real Deal” (Amanda Serrano), aims to accomplish one thing: Winning.

The Serrano’s not only share the same genetics, they have been classified in three of the most important major sanctioning bodies in professional boxing, while at the same time looking outstandingly flawless and beautiful.  They represent the “total package” and shows that you can be tough and athletic without losing your feminine qualities.  At the super featherweight division, Amanda is ranked no 1 by the International Boxing Federation (IBF); no 2 by the World Boxing Association (WBA) and no 5 in the World Boxing Council (WBC) at the featherweight division. Her older sister Cindy, who started the boxing trend in their family, is ranked at the super featherweight division, no 4 by the IBF, and no 5 in both WBA and WBC. At Gym X located in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, the sisters expressed their love for boxing. “Initially, I began boxing only to lose weight.  I was advised by my trainer and now manager, Jordan Maldonado that the best way to lose weight was to box so I gave it a try and it looked easy to me,” said Cindy. She adds, “The first time I actually got in the ring I got my butt kicked really badly, but I showed a lot of potential; I didn’t give up. From then on I have been boxing.”  Amanda was inspired to pursue professional boxing from watching her older sister. Amanda remembers her first time in the ring, “My first fight in the ring was with my sister and she kicked my butt! She tried to discourage me but I realized that I loved it and stuck with it, soon landing me the NYC Golden Glove title.”  Usually when a person tries something new for the first time and doesn’t perform well, the natural instinct would be to quit and do something else.  For the Serrano’s, it just did the opposite.  It only made them want to dust themselves off and try again, showing their fortitude for the sport.  Cindy credits her trainer, Jordan for motivating her to explore boxing further. “At my first fight, he saw a lot of things that I did right. Even though I got my butt kicked I didn’t make a lot of mistakes.  The next day I couldn’t move my neck for nothing and he asked me again- are you ready to go in today? Despite the fact I was in pain, I agreed to come back. It was fun for me.” Amanda adds, “Seeing those two work together made me want to be a part of their amazing team.”

The Serrano sisters both credit each other’s as their role models.  Cindy adds, “ My sister Amanda does things to amaze me. I’m a proud sister seeing that she has been fighting for six years and has accomplished a lot.”  Cindy currently has fought a total of 25 fights, mostly outside of the country, including Bermuda, Dominican Republic, France and Sweden.  Amanda has a total of 19 fights to date.  Stay tuned for upcoming news on the Serrano’s and upcoming fights to a city or country near you.


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